1943 Grumman G-44 “Super Widgeon”

The Widgeon is the smallest member of the Grumman family of amphibious aircraft, and was intended as the smaller, less expensive alternative to the Grumman Goose. This aircraft was originally planned for civilian service, and can hold up to 5 passengers. However, Grumman quickly switched to war production for World War II and produced over 250 planes in the following years. The history of N13122 before 1967 is unknown, other than it had been registered in Canada. Neither the Grumman Aircraft Company nor the U.S. Military had this aircraft’s serial numbers on file. On March 23, 1967 the Widgeon was bought by McKinnon Enterprises in Sandy, Oregon. On July 7, 1969 the Widgeon was sold to James and Dottie Magoffin, owners of Interior Airways (which evolved into Mark Air). They used the Widgeon as their personal aircraft until it was donated to the museum in October 2001.