Cliff Everts

Cliff Everts began his flying career when he was fifteen, financing his flight hours by delivering newspapers. He soloed within 6 months flying a 1939 Taylorcraft. When the war began in 1941, Cliff joined the Civilian Pilot Training Program. In 1942, at age 21, he left New York to accept a position with Alaska Star Airlines flying in support of war time efforts.

In 1945, he began a 35-year career with Wien Airlines during his he accumulated 30,000 flight hours. After retiring in 1980, Cliff created Everts Air Fuel. He created many ventures during this time, dabbling with restaurants, gold mines, and other various businesses.

Cliff demonstrated his frontier spirit and was instrumental in supporting individuals and communities throughout the state, as well as playing a key role in the continued development of the aviation industry in Alaska.

* This information was retrieved from Cliff Evert’s Alaska Legislative citation, issued in 2013.