Holger “Jorgy” Jorgensen

Holger “Jorgy” Jorgensen first started flying in Nome with Frank Whaley in 1943 in a 40-HP Taylorcraft. He soloed in a J5 when he was 17 years old in Nome.” Jorgy flew as co-pilot for only a year at Wien Airlines before passing up three other pilots to earn advancement to captain, making him the first Alaska Native pilot to become a captain for a scheduled airline. He helped open the North Slope to economic development in the late 1950s, flying support for the Distant Early Warning systems and, later, in support of oil exploration.

Born and brought up in the Norton Sound area, this Alaska Native pilot carved a lifetime of achievements out of every opportunity with a sly smile, quick wit, and unmatched acumen for flying. saw and flew the Arctic from one end to the other during the golden era of aviation, becoming known for exacting navigation with the use of instruments and an intuition made him a natural for flying in Alaska and all over the world. Failing eyesight ended Jorgy’s career in 1994.