Rita and Bobby Sholton

Rita and Bobby Sholton, along with their partner Morrie Carlson, established Alaska’s first all cargo charter plane in 1956 – Northern Air Cargo. The Sholton’s became sole owners of NAC in 1981, and in 1982 received FAA-certified approval to begin scheduled service. By 1990, NAC was supporting more than 100 Alaskan communities with daily, charter and flag stop flights. Bobby Sholton passed away in 1982, and the company underwent a major change with Rita taking over operations. Under Rita’s supervision, NAC grew into the state’s senior and largest all-cargo airline. In addition to Alaska, they also provided service to Russia, Canada and the continental United States.

In 2006, NAC celebrated its 50th anniversary, and in looking towards the future, sought out new owners for the airline. NAC, now under Saltchuck Resources owner, continues to provide Alaska communities with cargo services, employing hundreds of Alaskans and contributing to the economic welfare of the state. NAC and Rita Sholton have continued to support Alaska aviation with their generous and continuous support of the Alaska Aviation Museum.

* This information was retrieved from the Sholton’s Alaska Legislative citation, issued in 2011.