The Alaska Aviation Museum will gratefully accept a wide range of giving opportunities. Your donation supports the Museum’s mission to preserve and display Alaska aviation history. There are many ways to give including Donating Online, right now! If you would like to donate in a more specific nature read on below for more ways to give.

 Ways to Give

Corporate Sponsorship

There are many ways that businesses can get involved and support the museum. Corporate sponsors can choose to support the general fund at the museum, a specific exhibit or restoration project, an annual fundraiser or become corporate members.

Material Donations

The museum may accept gifts in the form of material property that can either be added to the museum’s collection or be resold to support the museum. All gifts are subject to review and approval by the museum. If interested in donating contact the Collections and Exhibits Manager (Jarod Hoogland-

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts express your sympathy or remember a loved one. A Memorial Gift is an especially meaningful way to recognize friends, family, business associates, and special occasions, while at the same time supporting the continuing development of the aviation museum. The museum tries to recognize those in aviation or who support aviation who recently passed both on our memorials page as well as in the museum in our memorial display.

Planned Giving

Consider the Alaska Aviation Museum in your estate planning. Through bequests, beneficiary designation, and charitable remainder trusts, it is easy to mark your legacy at the Museum. Planned and legacy gifts will serve to ensure the future vitality of the Museum and its programs. If interested in getting more information about this or speaking to someone at the museum about this please contact the Executive Director.

Attend a Fundraiser

 The museum puts on multiple fundraisers through out the year to help the museum continue to grow and improve. Purchase a ticket and come join the museum for some festivities! Our events page has details about upcoming events and how to purchase tickets!