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Donating to the Collection

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of people like you. The museum will not accept unsolicited donations or “drop-offs,” but please send an email or letter and include photographs of your potential donation.

We accept donations of objects and archival materials that are of significance to the history of aviation in Alaska. While we appreciate the personal value placed on these items, we must give careful consideration to all gifts before we can accept them to ensure our collection goals are met.

In determining whether items should be acquired, we use the following criteria:

  • The object is consistent with the Museum’s mission.
  • It is be appropriate for exhibition purposes and proves useful as an educational tool.
  • The object was be associated with a notable, historical event related to aviation and or depict such an event.
  • The object was owned by, associated with or created by a notable person associated with the history of aviation in Alaska.

Additionally, the following conditions must be met for a donation to be accepted:

  1. The intending donor has legal title to the object and has acquired the object in a proper manner.
  2. The object has a clearly establish provenance.
  3. The object is of a quality, rarity, or intellectual value to support the acquisition.
  4. The object does not represent an unacceptable hazard to personnel, or to the collections.
  5. The object can be adequately cared for and stored.
  6. The object does not unnecessarily duplicate items already in the collection.

For questions regarding what kind of materials might be of interest to us, or to discuss donating materials, please contact the Curator of Collections.


Item donations to the Alaska Aviation Museum fall into one of two categories:


Restoration (new engine oil, needed parts, equipment for use in & around the hangars, etc.)


To donate Restoration items, please contact the museum ahead of time at (907) 248-5325, to assess needs and make arrangements. NO DROP-OFFS PLEASE WITHOUT PRIOR ARRANGEMENT.


Collections (aircraft, artifacts, etc. that are Alaska-specific AND meaningful to Alaska aviation history)


To donate to Collections, there is an essential process that requires action by the Director. NO DROP-OFFS PLEASE WITHOUT PRIOR ARRANGEMENT.


Before donating, please fill out the form provided below and bring it to the museum. 


Deed of Gift and Donor Questionnaire October 2020


For more information please contact the museum by e-mail at Curator of Collections or call us at (907) 248-5325.

Fred Meyer Rewards

Help donate to The Alaska Aviation Museum each time you shop at your local Fred Meyer. Link your rewards card to our non-profit through the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. Click the link below and follow the instructions. Enter “#80350” or “Alaska Aviation Museum” to link your rewards to us!

Thank you for your interest in preserving Alaska’s aviation history. We’re hoping you’ll help us build an endowment that will provide reliable, independent financial support for the Alaska Aviation Museum over the long term.

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