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About Us

The Alaska Aviation Museum is located in the heart of Alaska aviation. It sits on the south shore of Lake Hood, the busiest seaplane base in the world, with more than 87,000 takeoffs and landings per year. A half-mile away is Ted Stevens International Airport, the air crossroads of the world. You can watch takeoffs and landings right from the museum.

The museum presents one of the finest displays of Alaskan aviation history with interactive displays, memorabilia, photographs, films and artifacts from personal collections of Alaska’s pioneer aviators.

Our Mission

To preserve, display, educate, and honor Alaska’s aviation heritage.

Our History

1977 Alaskan Historical Aircraft Society was founded by Ted Spencer.


1979 501(c)(3) status was acquired.

1984 PBY was acquired from Fred Richards.

1987 PBY arrives from Dago Lake and King Salmon via an Army training mission.

1988 Museum opens to the public.

Since then… The Museum has continued to collect aircraft from all eras of Alaska aviation, from the 1928 Stearman c2b to the 1981 Boeing B737-29OC.


Danny Seybert, President
Joey Benetka, Treasurer
Brent Cole, Vice President/Secretary
Bill Odom, Past President & Board Agent
Rick Morrison, Past President
Dennis Parrish, Past President
Chuck Miller, Past President
Jim Jansen
Terry Holliday
John Pletcher
Trudy Wassel
Keenan Zerkel


Maggie Gladwin
David Karp
Terry Holliday
Don Keil
Bill Sharrow
Dick Sutliff
Rich Wilson
Clay Waggood
Orin Seybert, Past President
Don Brugman
Richard Benner


Phyllis Kilgore, Executive Director
Kaitlin Kilgore, Operations Manager
Hailey Larson, Development Officer
Sophia Montes, Guest Services
Michelle Barbeiri, Guest Services


Mary Witte and Nancy Schierhorn, Co-President & Chairman

Rich Richter, Treasurer

Steve Pannone, Member

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